Local doctors urge COVID-19 vaccinations for kids after omicron variant detected

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As the new Omicron variant is confirmed in more countries, doctors on both side of the border are asking parents to vaccinate their kids as soon as possible.

Francisca Robles, a Reynosa, Mexico resident, says COVID-19 vaccines aren’t available for her young kids in Mexico. In order for them to get a shot, anyone between 12 and 17 years old would have to prove they have one of nine risk factors, which include being pregnant.

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A pediatric infectious disease specialist in Monterrey, Dr. Jose Ivan Castillo, says he and other fellow doctors are concerned the Omicron variant will look for the unvaccinated, especially children.

Dr. Federico Vallejo, a pulmonary doctor at DHR Health, says it’s highly probable the Omicron variant is already among us.

"Closing the border at this moment, I don't think is going to make a difference," Dr. Vallejo said. 

For now, drug companies are studying the effectiveness of their current vaccines, but it’s too early to know if they'll be able to fight-off the latest COVID-19 variant.


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