Local Rancher Worried Sandhill Cranes are Losing Habitat

By: Christian Von Preysing

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RIO HONDO – A Rio Grande Valley rancher says it is the first time she has seen a migratory sandhill crane on her property.

Mary Jo Bogatto has worked on her land, located east of Rio Hondo, for 25 years.

She says as the years go by she has seen more species settling in her land.

This season, she says she has seen two new species: a cane toad and the sandhill crane.

Bogatto explains she is happy to see the cranes, but it makes her worry they’re losing their habitat.

“Out of necessity they’re coming here. Maybe their numbers have to find other places to roost, because other places are being developed,” she says.

Bogatto says the new species are welcome and hopes they prosper.

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