Local restaurant stays open through severe weather

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Many businesses had to close down because of power outages across the Valley.

McAllen was hit hard by the severe weather, specifically around the Nolana Avenue area, but that didn't stop one local restaurant owner from staying open.

"Yeah, I have to open because I always want to make my customers happy. We're not about money, but about my customers. I get too much worried about customers," Tony Ma said. He's the owner of Vietnamese restaurant, Pho Houston.

Despite Pho Houston's power being down, Ma lit some candles for his customers and kept the food coming.

"Because we use the gas over here, but in the kitchen very hard because no electric, no A/C, but it's ok today the weather is better that's why we still are happy," Ma said.

Ma left the door open to not just let the breeze flow in but also guests.

"You see we have no powers some people don't come, but we are still busy you see that. I am always busy," Ma said.

So if you still don't have power and need a place to go eat, there are still some local restaurants making hot meals.


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