Longer Delays Expected at International Bridges after Holida

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MCALLEN – Travelers should expect delays at international bridges across the Rio Grande Valley. A rise in traffic into the United States from Mexico is causing the backup.

Bridge officials noted more vehicles crossing into the U.S. compared to last month and they're forecasting, even more, travelers after Christmas.

Maria Mendoza travels into Mexico from mid-December through the New Year.

She reversed travel plans this year and returned to the Rio Grande Valley after a month like vacation in Mexico.

Officials report a 65% increase of people traveling into the area during the holiday season.

Mendoza attributes delays due to staffing shortages with an increase in travelers.

She said, "sometimes there are three officers (at the port of entry) then a while later they'll only be one, that's when it backs up."

For the third year in a row, the city of McAllen is hoping to reduce the wait.

The city will pay for overtime hours for Customs and Border Protection officers at the Anzalduas International Bridge.

The additional supervisors should speed up the flow of traffic and reduce headaches for travelers.

CBP says they staff according to workload and managers continuously monitor operations and to avoid unnecessary delays.

Members of the traveling public can monitor Border Wait Times via this link or also obtain the BWT app on their smartphone via Apple App Store and Google Play so that they can observe the wait times and make an informed decision on which bridge to use.

These wait times are updated on an hourly basis.

Also to avoid any potential delays or fines due to travelers bringing prohibited/restricted agricultural items, CBP encourages travelers to declare all agricultural items to a CBP officer upon arrival and before making their journey to consult the Know Before You Go guide at the following link.


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