Man Demands Money Back for Faulty, Incomplete Vehicle Repairs

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MCALLEN – A McAllen man wants his money back.

Pete Romero says a mechanic he paid to fix his car disappeared with his cash. He says he’s tried to get a hold of him for a month now.

Romero tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS he went to the McAllen Police Department but was told he could not be helped.

The headache he describes started when his engine light turned on in his ‘99 Chevrolet Blazer.

He says he put his trust in a man he met in line at an auto parts store.

“He seemed very amiable, very cordial. He came over and he checked it out,” Romero explained. “He says, 'You know what, you do need a computer.' He showed me exactly how much the amount was, $298. He said, 'It's going to cost money for me to install it. But, once I get it, no problem. Within a week, you'll be driving it.'”

A week after he paid him $500,  he was driving his car again. That's until the engine light ended up going out on its own again.

Romero says the only problem now is the man he met never went back to his house. He says the man cashed the $500 check and he has not seen him since.

“I have a feeling this guy is a con artist. I would call and he did not return my calls,” he tells us.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS tracked down the mechanic. We asked him about Romero’s missing cash over the phone.

The man did not like where the conversation was heading. He hung up.

Romero says despite the loss, he has learned this lesson.

“Maybe, you shouldn't trust people that much,” he says.

He now just wants his money back for car work he still has not received.

Romero says he will head back to police for help. McAllen police urge him to file a report, so they can step in.

Director of Bureau Affairs Sandra Morin with the South Texas Better Business Bureau says, when doing business, try to hire a legitimate company rather than a person; and never pay with cash.

She advises you to pay with a credit card because it can be traced back to the individual.


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