McAllen Apartment Fire

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MCALLEN - Forty-seven people are displaced after an apartment complex caught fire Friday afternoon. 

Black smoke filled the air near 23rd Street and Iris Avenue in McAllen. 

Nearby apartment buildings were evacuated at the complex burned. 

Jose Aguilar, his wife and his five children just moved into the building, now they're left with nothing. Aguilar said his furniture and his children's clothes are gone. 

"All the windows from the top were black, they were all black," he explains, "They were saying the apartment in the middle is the one that started the fire and that's where were at. So I was telling them how could it be on fire if we didn't have light?"

McAllen Assistant Fire Chief James Schultz said the fire started on the second flood Friday afternoon around 2 p.m.

A total of 47 people were displaced because of the blaze. 

The American Red Cross is helping people impacted like Aguilar. Help he says he and his family needs. 

"I lost everything now. Just what am I going to do," he says, "I ain't (sic) got no shelter, l ain't nothing. We put all our money into this so we can live somewhere my family and kids."

American Red Cross Volunteer Jim Denison says they'll first help with housing. A temporary shelter was set up at Lincoln Middle School in Mcallen. Fourteen people stayed there Friday night. He said, "We're also try to assist them with some funds to help tie them over and then we will also supply them with referrals to agencies that supply permanent relief."

Aguilar did not have renter's insurance. 

Assistant Chief Schultz says the Hidalgo County Fire Marshals are investigating the case. Schultz said all apartments are required to have smoke detectors and at least one working extinguisher.


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