McAllen Man Says Repair Company Left Job Incomplete

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MCALLEN – A McAllen man says the company he hired to fix his broken air conditioner didn't finish the job. 

The father of two says he's on a fixed income; not having a working air conditioner is not an option.

Jason Regalado says during these warmer months, air conditioning is a must.

"It's hard for us. We even went as far as buying fans for the kids," says Regalado.

Things got really hot in his home in the middle of April when Regalado says the air conditioning stopped blowing cold air.

Regalado and his wife called a company they found online known as Day's A/C and Heating in Donna to fix the problem.

He says a worker from Days A/C and Heating showed up to check out the problem. Regalado paid the worker $390 to fix the issue. 

According to Regalado, the worker said the air condition unit was leaking and further repairs were needed. The worker looked deeper into the matter.

"He said, 'I'm going to put the dye so I can see more or less, in a week's time, I'll know where exactly it's leaking from.’ He never came back," Regalado explains.

Eventually, Regalado hired another company to complete the job.

Regalado says his wife has called Day's A/C three to four times a week to complain that the work that wasn't done.

When she finally got an answer from business, it was not what the family wanted to hear.

"They tell my wife, ‘You know what, it has nothing to do with us no more.’ They just cleaned their hands," he says.

Now Regalado wants his money back.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to Day's A/C and Heating in Donna to ask if Regalado can get the refund.

Oscar Diaz, a manager at the business, says his crew did return to complete work on the air conditioning unit. But says no one was at the home to let his workers in.

Diaz says he wants to help the family and will negotiate a possible refund or another deal with Regalado. 

Regalado tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS he is happy Diaz is willing to negotiate with him on a refund or some other type of deal.

Regalado tells us he will contact Diaz in the coming days to talk.

Count on CHANNEL 5 NEWS to follow up on this story to see what deal was struck.

The Better Business Bureau has tips if you're shopping for an air condition repair company. 

The BBB advises you always research the company's background and licensing.

The group notes to use its website to search for any information it has on any service company you plan to hire.

Read up on the company's reputation and any history of complaints it may have.

Also, the BBB notes you should always get three estimates for any air-conditioning repair work you need.


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