McHi band students transition back to in-person practice

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 McAllen ISD students and staff return to the classrooms Monday.  

That includes in-person practices for McHi band students, who spent a year practicing from home.

"I missed it. From last year to this year, it's such a difference," said senior Katherine Mascorro.

Mascorro was able to practice her instrument at home, but band director Jason Dunn knows this may not have been the case for all band students.

"I think for some kids, they have a little bit further that they got to catch up and our job this year is to make sure there's a home for every kid in our program," Dunn said.  

In all, there's about 170 students in the band program at McAllen High School, but Dunn said only about 100 kids are participating in the in-person marching band.


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