Medicaid Blocks Hepatitis C Treatment for Valley Man

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EDCOUCH – A Rio Grande Valley man says he needs a life-saving treatment but his insurance is preventing it.

“What’s the good of having insurance if you can’t use it? And I need it!” says Medicaid recipient Scott Mollenauer.

Mollenaur learned he was positive for Hepatitis C, a disease that attacks the liver and eventually leads to liver cancer if untreated.

His doctor told him a drug called Harvoni could cure the disease. He says Medicaid did not approve it.

KRGV’s Trason Bragg called Medicaid to get an answer. A representative tells us when it comes to this disease, immediate treatment is given to the highest priority recipients.

If you’re in a similar situation and need to request an appeal, call Medicaid at 1-800-335-8957.

If the appeals process is exhausted, you can request a fair hearing from Texas Health and Human Services Commission at 1-800-252-8263.

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