Migrants await asylum as Remain in Mexico policy returns

By: Santiago Caicedo

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President Joe Biden cancelled it in January, but the Remain in Mexico police was reinstated Monday under a court order.

While the policy was suspended, Border Patrol agents logged more than 1.6 million encounters with people who crossed the southern border illegally. 

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More migrants arrived in the city of Reynosa after being expelled by U.S. immigration officials.

Migrants such as Sergio Fernandez have been there for two months without being able to cross into the U.S. under Title 42, the public health order that expels migrants because of the pandemic.

“I am fully vaccinated against COVID, U.S. immigration officials should consider that before sending me back,” Fernandez said.

Hidalgo, the Texas border city across from Reynosa, is currently not one of the seven cities in the United States where migrants can ask for asylum. Those cities include:

  • - Brownsville, TX
  • - Calexico, CA
  • - San Diego, CA
  • - Eagle Pass, TX
  • - El Paso, TX
  • - Laredo, TX
  • - Nogales, AZ

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