Migrants continue being dropped off at Brownsville shelter, pushing capacity over the limit

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Migrants being dropped off at a Brownsville shelter is pushing capacity over the limit.

Some migrants leave the Ozanam Center within hours of arriving. Others have been staying longer than anticipated.

The city of Brownsville is working with the state to help bus out migrants to their destinations.

Odee Leal — Brownsville's emergency management administrator and coordinator — said if 40 people are heading to the same destination, they can request a bus from the state.

Channel 5 News learned that the state is sending an average of three buses per day. Migrants that get on the buses have all been processed by U.S. Border Patrol, and are allowed to be in the country.

Brownsville says between 150 and 200 migrants are being processed per day, a big decrease from the thousands they were seeing before Title 42 ended.

Until those buses depart, families are responsible for putting them in an overnight hotel, or the migrants can go to the Ozanam Center. 

The Ozanam Center says the amount of migrants staying at the center is pushing the capacity to over 250 people.

Ozanam Center Case Manager Amy Rico said the shelter is trying to manage the influx while also helping the local community.

“[We’re] just providing the services that we can, and wait for tickets for the destination to arrive,” Rico said.

The center said they’ve seen over 100 migrants arrive at the shelter on average in the last month.


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