Migrants headed to U.S. to be tested for COVID-19 by Tamaulipas organization

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As a migrant caravan tries to make its way to the U.S., state officials in Tamaulipas are getting ready to assist the migrants if they make it to the border.

In Matamoros, the Tamaulipas Migrant Institute plans on checking migrants for COVID-19, even though the state agency is only budgeted to assist Mexicans deported from the U.S.

"In no way will migrants be discriminated or stigmatized as being a source of the coronavirus," said Tamaulipas Migrant Institute Director Brenda Cardenas in Spanish. "They are simply people, and since there are more of them, the risk of spreading the virus is greater. 

Meanwhile in Donna, city officials recently leased out land to U.S. Customs and Border Protection for the construction of a temporary migrant center. 


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