Migrants look for asylum in the US

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In less than two weeks, foreigners with visas could be able to cross into the U.S.

And pretty soon, so will migrants entering the country legally asking for asylum.

Local humanitarian organizations are already preparing.

“We’re welcoming, and yet we’re holding back at the same time,” Andrea Rudnik - from the local humanitarian organization Team Brownsville – said.

The pandemic has made it more difficult for the U.S. to receive migrants. Rudnik said the most vulnerable migrants - which includes those with disabilities and serious illnesses – are now being let in.

“We are told that today we will receive up to 25 people,” Rudnik said.

But why is there a variety of situations - from a packed migrant processing facility with young children, and public spaces in Mexico full of displaced migrants?

Ruth Ellen Wasem, a political expert from UT Austin, said President Biden has had to work with a Department of Homeland Security that lacked people in leadership roles during the previous administration

This left DHS is disarray, she said.

“There’s a particularly tough challenge for any new administration. This would be true of anybody,” Wasem said.

Channel 5 News reached out to DHS in order to better understand the legal crossing of migrants under Title 42, but we have not received a response.


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