Mission hotel at capacity due to cold weather guests, staff say most are elderly

By: Marisol Villarreal

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The severe weather left many Valley residents to face the cold without power. Some of the more vulnerable folks turned to hotels to stay safe during the freezing temperatures.

The staff at Hampton Inn and Suites in Mission say the winter storm  caused a rush of customer bookings on Monday.

General Managers Jonni Acevedo and Anaid Saldana said most of their guests are elderly and in need of a warm place to stay.

As temperatures remained below freezing Acevedo says the hotel encountered problems too. Their online system, meant to make the booking process easier, was not working properly. She said they're working with everything they've got. 

"I actually had a guest waiting in his truck until 2 o'clock in the morning while we were trying to see what we had available," Acevedo said. "It's been difficult."


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