Mission Man Wants Refund for Incomplete Extermination Work

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MISSION – A termite problem has a Rio Grande Valley man asking for help.

When the exterminator didn't get rid of the problem, he demanded a refund. Now, he said the company is ignoring him.

Yreneo Carranza of Mission said his termite turmoil is causing him too much trouble. 

Carranza bought his home in April and wanted to ensure it wouldn't have problems like termites. He said he needed the pests gone due to his health issues.

"I just had surgery. Came out of the hospital three weeks ago," said Carranza.

He called a pest control company in early August to fix the problem. He said he made an initial payment of $788 and then an additional $913 once the exterminator arrived.

Carranza said he wasn't satisfied with the work done.

"They didn't finish because the individual was missing eight to ten stations. They go in an interval around the house," he said. "The guy told me, 'Carranza, I don't have enough to finish your perimeter around your house.' He says, ’I can come back at a later date.'"

Carranza said the exterminator never returned.

So, he called the company and claims they never took his call. Carranza then went to the company's office and canceled the service within 30 days of signing for it.

According to the company's policy, Carranza is due a refund. He said a representative made him a promise.

That was over three months ago.

"He said, 'You're going to get your money back, Carranza. It's your money,'" he claims.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS went to the pest control company looking for answers. A spokesperson for the company agreed to speak with us in an off-camera interview. 

He said he is aware of Carranza's case and added the company is working on the refund. He said Carranza should contact his office directly.

Carranza's happy the company is working on his refund. He said he will contact the business before the end of the week.

For those who are looking for a refund, there are effective ways to go about it. The Better Business Bureau of South Texas recommends you ask for a refund by:

  • Making sure you are speaking with someone who has the power to fulfill the refund such as an owner or manager.
  • Stating the refund was promised to you and you expect it based on your dissatisfaction with product or service.
  • Allow the company to provide a resolution to the problem.


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