More concerns raised after release of Uvalde surveillance video

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A local teacher’s union expressed concern over the video of the deadly shooting inside Robb Elementary School in Uvalde.

Edinburg Teacher's Union President Marsha Gonzalez criticized the police officers in the video.

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“I've seen the video, it's disturbing,” Gonzalez said. “And when I look at that video, I'm like, ‘They were in flight mode - they just left.’"

A former Homeland Security investigator said the video is creating more questions.

“You cannot actually, by looking at the video, see any type of coordination via phone or radios with the incident commander,” Harry Jimenez said. 

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The police chief for the Uvalde school district was the on-site commander the day of the shooting, but his decisions that day are under scrutiny.

Since the shooting, parents, Gov. Greg Abbott and leaders in Uvalde have asked for clarity from Texas Department of Public Safety troopers and local law enforcement in Uvalde. It's unclear what consequences, if any, officers might face for their decision to wait an hour before confronting the shooter.

The Texas Rangers and the U.S. Justice Department are investigating the shooting.


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