New laws take effect to prevent future power grid failures

By: Allysa Cole

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Two Senate bills that will reform and prevent a power grid failure from happening in the future take effect as laws starting Wednesday.

Senate Bill 2, aimed at changing the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) board's structure, will allow politicians to appoint the majority of the board's members.

Oil and gas experts say it's unclear whether or not this portion of the reform bill will effectively prevent another grid failure.

Senate Bill 3 will require rules for power generators and some natural gas suppliers to update their infrastructure and create a statewide emergency alerts system.

"About half of our power plants consume natural gas," Joshua Rhode, power grid expert, and Webber Energy Group researcher, said. "If we winterize power plants, but we don't winterize the natural gas system at the same time, then we might end up in the same situation."

Experts say legislators are taking a step in the right direction in reforming the state's power grid.

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