New training equipment to benefit students in STC’s fire-science program

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New training equipment from Fireblast Global for the fire-science program at South Texas College is boosting the hands-on learning experience for future firefighters, helping thousands of first responders in the area.

"They can learn tactics, strategies, how to attack the fire, based on wind conditions and things in the environment," STC Regional Center for Public Safety Excellence Director Joe Moroles said.

These different scenarios play a critical role in the training of several cadets, such as Collin Dowling.

"The more hands on you can be, the more experienced you'll be when you finally get to go to the field," Dowling said. 

According to Moroles, there are only 16 other pieces of training equipment similar to the ones used by the center throughout the entire state.

The closest one to the Rio Grande Valley is more than 250 miles away. 

Having these tools at STC will help train current and aspiring first responders in the region for years to come, Moroles said.

"They'll be able to use this training tool to enhance their own personal skills when they graduate the academy and then they'll have the extra knowledge when they go and apply and work for a fire department," Moroles said.


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