No Arrests in 3-Month-Old Edcouch Murder Case

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EDCOUCH – There are still no arrests months after an Edcouch man was gunned down in broad daylight.

The shooting happened back in January just blocks away from an early childhood school and homes. Juan Manuel Belmarez’s father said someone must have seen something. He said it isn’t too late for witnesses to come forward.

“One person on each side of the road shooting at him at the same time, hitting his vehicle 39 times,” Francisco Belmarez, the victim’s father, said.

The 35-year-old man was gunned down at the intersection of Jose Borrego and Southern Street.

“I don’t have peace in my heart,” Belmarez said.

He said his son’s murder was overkill.

“I’m a military man so I know about the situation he faced. He faced an ambush,” Belmarez said.

Not far from where his son was killed, Belmarez sits and waits next to a sign hoping to hit a nerve with a witness.

“I’m poor, you know. I don’t have the money other people might have. I don’t have money for reward to put more pressure to get more information,” he said.

Belmarez said so far nothing.

“I wish that somebody would come forward,” he said.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS went see Edcouch Police Chief Eloy Cardenas to get the latest on the case. We’re told he wouldn’t be commenting and were referred to the Texas Rangers.

The Texas Rangers continue their search for the person or people who fired the shots.

“I feel lack of justice. I’m not saying they’re not doing anything but it’s going to be four months now,” Belmarez said. “He was only 35 years old.”

The Texas Rangers are the lead agency in the investigation. Anyone with information about what happened can call (956) 998-8317.


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