Number of migrant declines across the border

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The Department of Homeland Security on Monday shared more images from inside the migrant facility in Donna.

What was once a facility overflowing with unaccompanied migrant children barely a month ago is now almost empty.

In March, U.S. Customs and Border Protection had a high of almost 6,000 kids in custody. On May 1, CBP reported they had less than 700 kids in custody

DHS touted the reduction of children in custody to the opening of 14 facilities with FEMA assistance since March 13, as well as more than 350 caseworkers trained and mobilized to help place the children with a verified family member.

There’s been an 88% reduction in the number of children in CBP custody since March 28.

Sister Norma Pimientel with the Catholic Charities Respite Center in McAllen has seen a decline in migrants as well, mirroring the decline across the board.

“The numbers at our site has diminished a lot,” Pimentel said. “Previously when we started in March, receiving great numbers of families. This week we saw numbers in the hundreds.”

DHS said they added 350 case workers to Health and Human Services to help unite kids with their families in the US, which means they can leave CBP custody sooner. They’ve also moved to build more holding spaces for children, adding that their ability to move children out of their care is directly tied to available space at HHS ORR.

Sister Pimientel said the facilities kids are sent to while awaiting their parents, though not ideal, are far from the pictures seen earlier. 

“They have the proper education, classes for English. They have a nice soccer field,” Sister Pimientel said. “In their dorms they have opportunities to play games.”


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