Officials continue working to set up ambulance service in Delta area

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The Delta area will soon have its own ambulance, but they must first get the necessary permits to use it.

It's a big step for the area that was had issues finding a permanent ambulance service. 

Last week, the local emergency district board approved the purchase of the vehicle , which they estimated will cost up to $85,000

Once they get the ambulance, they'll also need to purchase the supplies necessary to keep it operational. After that, they can get the permits needed to run the ambulance.

The emergency district has over $1 million available to also purchase the ambulance's medical equipment.

"We're only gonna focus on 911, and we're gonna keep our units just for emergencies," Hidalgo County Emergency Services District 2 Chairman Jason Peña said. 

The ambulance is said to be operating in about eight months.


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