Palmview coffee shop aims to bring community together

By: Cassandra Garcia

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A new coffee shop, the first of its kind in Palmview, is opening its doors with a unique approach to bring the community closer.

Sip House of Coffee and Tea is not your ordinary coffee shop, offering customers a warm atmosphere.

Joe Lopez and Arturo Morales are co-owners of Sip House of Coffee and Tea. Lopez grew up in Palmview and says that a local coffee shop was something the city always needed.

“When we created this, we were thinking, 'We want something that’s going to be very inviting, that the community can just go out and just be able to get out of their houses and just have a spot to go and chill, have a conversation, a cozy cup of coffee,'” Lopez said.

Journals scattered throughout the shop are meant to build relationships and bring people together.

“These little books, ’Espresso yourself’, it’s a little conversational starter," said Lopez. "So you can go on there and write your thoughts, emotions, positive quotes, and at the same time pick them up or share them with others. Whoever’s here visiting the shop, as well, share them with them.”

Keeping in line with the theme, each coffee cup has a label with fun phrases, like their slogan “Let’s be better humans,” or everyone’s favorite “Anti RBF Serum.”

“Our labels are pretty cool. They say, ‘Ego Booster’ or ‘Anti Karen’ potion,” Lopez said. “They’re just cool little messages to make people smile, and at the same time, make them enjoy the coffee—their beverage better.”

The shop's soft opening was this past Saturday, but they’ve already created some buzz.

Sip House of Coffee and Tea's entire menu will be 15 percent off during their grand opening event Wednesday afternoon at 4:30 p.m.

There will also be a dance performance and yoga class. 


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