Pharr Disabled Woman Claims Complaint Led to Eviction

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UPDATE (2/1): Maria Flores says she is fighting back. 

She says she is working with a lawyer and plans to take the property management and owner to court. 

She tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS she decided to move out. 


PHARR – A local woman with disabilities says she’s days away from being homeless.

Pharr resident Maria Flores says she is considered 100 percent disabled.

She says life in The Garden Apartments has been difficult.

She says she began complaining to property management about the illegal use of the handicap parking spaces, but vehicles were never towed.

"We're the ones who are suffering; the disabled people are the ones who are suffering because it's only three disabled parking spaces and regular people who are not disabled, park on them," says Flores.

Flores explains she filled multiple police reports with the Pharr Police Department about the issue.

She says each time she's called police, they say there is nothing that they can do.

In early January she says she received a letter from property management asking her to leave the apartment by Feb. 2, nearly three months before her lease ends.

The property manager confirmed she is ending Flores’ lease early.

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