Pharr Neighbors Frustrated with Sandy Water

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PHARR- Some Pharr homeowners are finally getting relief after living with sand in their water for weeks.

The city of Pharr is fixing the problem. Officials said they'll handle all the expenses of the fix.

Homeowners on Daffodil Street reached out to us Friday saying they couldn’t shower or brush their teeth due to there being sand in their water.

“This problem started in June and it's been an ongoing issue,” said Mayra Rivera, whose parents live on the block. “The city told my parents that the water was drinkable and they actually told my parents that it was their fault.”

Rivera said she had a water system technician stop by her parent’s home to inspect everything from the boiler to the kitchen faucet.

“I've seen a lot, but not like this,” said Jason Gaitan with Waterboy Pure Water.

Gaitan said the water tests well because the sand and dirt in it doesn't dissolve. He said that doesn't mean it's healthy to drink.

Rivera said the issue also extends to their appliances. Residents said their sinks, washing machines and toilets are malfunctioning due to all the sediment.

“What can I do? I could go shower in the river or in the canal. It's the same thing,” resident Jose Valencia said.

Pharr Public Utility director Jose Villescas said Monday the problem started weeks ago when the city made upgrades to their water plant. He said sediment got into the water system when the city upgraded distribution lines.

Villescas said the city is fixing the issue. They're paying a plumber to inspect each home and all the appliances.

“It's a shame that we have to call the media in order for things to get done,” Rivera said.

Other residents said they’re happy their water will once again be cleaner than the puddles on the street.


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