Photographer’s Perspective: Covering Trials

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CORPUS CHRISTI - Cameron County tax assessor-collector Tony Yzaguirre Jr. was acquitted of several charges against him early February.

His trial was held in Nueces County and access to the media was very limited.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS photographer Brandon Castellanos worked on what was probably the biggest court case of his career. He said it was both a tiring and rewarding experience.

Castellanos said media had to set up in small room separated from the courtroom by a window.

The first day there was a crew of three people. They all had to share the same window to get shots. One of Castellanos’ worry for footage was glare and the reflection of other reporters.

All media crews also had to share the space to set up equipment and send footage.

Come Thursday, the day they all hoped to hear a possible verdict, even more media crews showed up. Although they were all from different competing stations, they were still able to get along and finish coverage on the trial. 


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