Point Isabel ISD participates in state mandated school safety audit

By: Stefany Rosales

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Point Isabel Independent School District remains on high alert following the deadly school shooting in Nashville.

"That safety is our top priority like never before," Superintendent for Point Isabel ISD Teri Capistran said.

Capistran says every school shooting hits close to home.

"It is truly heartbreaking," Capistran said.

Capistran says every incident whether it's local, in our state or elsewhere is a reminder that safety is a top priority.

"We have constant reminders throughout the year, as we've had this year, even after last year regarding horrific tragedies that are occurring in our schools. The safest place that our children should come to," Capistran said.

The state ordered school safety checks began last summer. The Texas School Safety Center chose schools at random. The state ordered audits to check classroom doors to make sure they're locking correctly. The same review is done on exterior doors locks and visitor check in procedures are also evaluated.

"Check for all the safety protocols that are in place to ensure that every school, every school district is doing what is required," Capistran said.

Point Isabel ISD has already had a couple of drop ins at two of their four campuses.

"It's that constant evaluation, constant analyzing of what is occurring at every campus on a daily basis," Capistran said.

Because those check ins are designed to find any flaws, few details can be shared, but Capistran says no concerns were found in the two visits.

"Doors are locked all day," head of the police department at Point Isabel ISD Hector Martinez said.

Martinez says additional safety related measures were added to schools at the beginning of the year, that includes fencing around all campuses.

Metal detectors are also an added layer of protection. They're new to the grounds of the high school. Also new. is a security guard standing watch at the high school's only entrance.

"What's important is we want to know who's coming onto our campus," Martinez said.

School safety is a challenge all staff face every day, one Point Isabel ISD says they're up for.

"As a school district, it is an evolving process that we're never done. We can't say that we are done with our safety measures," Capistran said.


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