Police Dept. Making Changes in Response to DA's Decision to Deny Drug Cases from Chief

By: John Paul Barajas

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UPDATE (3/8): The Santa Rosa Mayor says neither he, nor two other alderman voted to keep the police chief in power.

The mayor adds that only three of the alderman signed the letter to the district attorney informing him of the in-house changes in hopes of assistance on cases in the future.

The Cameron County District Attorney announced two weeks ago he would no longer accept cases from the Santa Rosa Police Chief.


SANTA ROSA - The Cameron County District Attorney says he still won’t be taking any drug-related cases from the Santa Rosa police chief. 

District Attorney Luis Saenz says he still won’t be taking cases involving Police Chief Ronnie Hernandez after he was voted to remain as chief.

Hernandez’s position came into question after over 15 pounds of marijuana went missing from the police department’s evidence locker.

Some Santa Rosa residents say they were surprised when they heard of the missing marijuana.

Local resident George Cavazos says he is worried the district attorney’s decision is going to bring a drug problem into the community.

"Because it'll end up in the streets, like it is right now,” says Cavazos.

The Santa Rosa Police Department made changes to appeal to the district attorney; Hernandez handed all investigative duties and responsibility of the evidence locker to his lieutenant,

Saenz says in a statement, “personnel assignments within the police department do not solve the situation. To accept cases in which the chief is involved will be made on a case by case analysis.”

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