Police Presence Increases in Effort to Curb Violence in Tamaulipas Town

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PROGRESO – An increase of police presence will be visible to those traveling to Cuidad Victoria in Tamaulipas, according to a spokesperson for the state.

The public information officer for the security department of the state of Tamaulipas confirmed his state police are working with federal police.  

"Right now, many of these homicides in the State of Tamaulipas are mainly due to the confrontations in many occasions between rival organizations,” explains PIO Luis Alberto Rodriguez Juarez.  

KRGV’s Frank McCaffrey spoke with the vice president of tactical analysis at a security company that provides intelligence reports.

He says Cuidad Victoria is a battleground of two powerful factions of the former Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas Cartel.

The travel warning for Tamaulipas remains in effect.

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