Protesters gather in Edinburg against new abortion law

By: Cassandra Garcia

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Update: Since this story aired, the Supreme Court voted to allow the abortion law to remain in force. 


Original story: The Supreme Court has yet to take action on a request to block Texas's new abortion law, Senate Bill 8, that bans the procedure after six weeks of pregnancy.

Less than 24 hours old, the new law already has its critics and supporters in the Rio Grande Valley talking.

Protesters took to the streets of Edinburg against the new state law; many say they're worried the new policy will do more harm than good.

"If you ban abortions after six weeks when most people don't even know they're pregnant," Sol Garcia, co-organizer for the Edinburg Bans Off Our Bodies protest, said. "You're not going to ban abortion. You're going to ban safe abortion.

Demonstrators argued the new law strips people of their human rights, while others believe the choice to abort doesn't belong to the person carrying the fetus.

"Yes, it is your body," Chelsea Howell Garcia with Texas Young Republicans said. "But you have another living being inside of you, so that does not— isn't your body. So you don't have it say on that little body growing inside of you."

The new bill also states anyone who sues and wins in court against a person suspected of helping someone get an abortion will get a $10,000 reward.


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