Raymondville Business Owner Concerned for Cost of Repairs Following Flooding

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RAYMONDVILLE - A Raymondville business owner is speaking out about her recovery experience after her business flooded following recent storms.

America Hernandez runs a lawn garden equipment business with her husband from home.

"It is hard to see most of your merchandise get damaged," says Hernandez.

Hernandez and her husband buy and sell lawn garden equipment; they are still dealing with the effects of the storm. 

She says so far, the damages total almost $5,000.

“Hectic because you do have to work within all these days and try to salvage what you can,” says Hernandez.

She says they lost weed-eaters, lawn mowers, battery-powered equipment and other tools.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to Raymondville Mayor Gilbert Gonzales. 

He says the city warehouse is available to citizens like Hernandez.

"Clean it up. Take it to the warehouse and so long as the bins are available and they're not full throw your trash in there. Throw whatever debris you have," says Gonzales.

Hernandez says although they weren't able to salvage everything, she says they are grateful to still have a roof over their heads.

Mayor Gonzales says the city warehouse will remain open indefinitely to help those wanting to throw away their trash.

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