Reynosa Mayor Voices Disagreement on US Immigration Plan

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WESLACO - Tensions continue to rise between the U.S. and Mexico as leaders decry the Trump administration’s plans on immigration.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security released two immigration memorandums that detailed how federal law enforcement will rid itself of people who are in the country illegally, and deport them to the territory from which they came from.

Reynosa Mayor Maki Esther Ortiz said she disagrees with the plan.

“What can’t happen is that the people, that don’t correspond to our country or aren’t Mexican, just because they speak Spanish will be sent to Mexico or be repatriated. Because then the responsibility of returning them to their countries will fall under the Mexican government, and we don’t have the infrastructure nor the resources that are needed,” she said.

Ortiz said refuge centers in her city are overrun by non-Mexican nationals. She said most of them were turned back to Mexico after they tried crossing into the U.S. illegally.

“80 percent of people in shelters in our city are Central American citizens. Twenty percent are Mexicans,” she said.

According to a Pew Research publication on immigration, Mexicans made up 52 percent of unauthorized immigration in 2014. It also stated 5.8 million Mexicans were accounted for living the country illegally the same year.

However, it’s a number that’s declined over the past six years.

“We are ready to receive all of our Mexican countrymen and offer them employment opportunities,” she said.

The Reynosa mayor said other countries should be responsible for their own. She added Mexico should also take responsibility for those who are illegally immigrating to Mexico. 


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