Rio Hondo Bridge Now Expected to Open in April

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RIO HONDO--The city of Rio Hondo is releasing more information on when the lift bridge will be back open to the public.

TX--Dot began the renovation project in 2016.

Last week, the city met with TX-Dot where they learned the estimated reopening date will be in April.

Those who live in the town say the sooner the better.

"I have my grand kid who goes to TSTC so instead of using the bridge before now we have to go through the low water bridge," said Gilberto Santana who lives in Rio Hondo.

Santana said the bridge was key in order to get to Harlingen.

Now him and many others are left to take a detour if they wish to get to the other side.

"Sometimes it's back to back. If you're running late you're late for school so that's an issue," said Santana.

Residents aren't the only ones who are being impacted by the temporary closure. Last year ,we told you how many businesses are taking a hit as well as first responders having issues getting to homes on the other side.

Santana said he thought the bridge would be open by now.

"They say it would be in December, that we would get a Christmas gift. Then they change it, to January, then they said February, now we heard it would be sometime in April."

For Santana he said he wont hold his breath.

"When I go across it then I will believe it, seeing is believing," said Santana.

When TX-Dot began this project in September 2016 they gave a two-year timeline for completion.

Right now most of what's left to finish is the paint.


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