RV Park Residents Bothered by Odors from Nearby Sewage Life Station

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PORT ISABEL – Mary Burcl thought she found an ideal spot to park her RV for the summer in Port Isabel.

She picked a spot at Del Mar RV Park. She then learned the placement of her neighbor’s dumpsters were too close for comfort.

"We started smelling this odor," said Burcl. "My husband said we'll try it and see if we can live with it."

The dumpsters sat behind a fence that separates Del Mar RV Park and the neighboring Port Isabel Park Center RV Park, which is much larger and more populated.

Burcl said she had to move to another part of her park.

"We've gotta call the electrical and we've gotta put another meter in," said Burcl.

Park manager Mike Kiff explained Del Mar RV Park is also dealing with whiffs of odor from the adjacent sewage lift station.

"Because of this smell that we're having to deal with, we're actually losing revenue," said Kiff.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS spoke to Laguna Madre Water District about the lift station.

Manager Carlos Gavan sent a crew who checked on a large industrial air freshener. They say it's well supplied and they'll keep an eye on it.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS also visited Port Isabel Park Center RV Park to ask if the four dumpsters could be moved.

An assistant manager said the dumpsters have been there for seven years, and only recently did she hear a complaint.

She adds staff puts in chemicals every day to keep the smell down. She said there's no space to move the dumpsters anywhere else in the park but they'll see what they can do if space opens up.


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