San Benito Woman Concerned for Maintenance of Canal Grass near Home

By: John Paul Barajas

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SAN BENITO - A San Benito woman is concerned no one wants to take responsibility for keeping her street clean.

East Pennsylvania Avenue is home to Clara Stephens, she says she just wants the same treatment everyone else gets.

The canal across the streets grass is nearly covering speed limit signs; Stephens believes no one has been out to maintain it for months.

"It looks ugly, it makes the community here look nasty," she says.

Stephens is also afraid her street is an accident waiting to happen

"It’s like you're living in the boondocks I promise you that you can't see nothing through here at night because there’s no lights whatsoever," she says.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS went to San Benito City Hall to see what we could find out.

San Benito’s assistant city manager sent us a statement that reads in part,

"Pennsylvania Ave near FM 732/Sherer Road is anticipated to be mowed within the next several days. The challenge is that the department has to prioritize where to apply available resources, now that hurricane season is upon us."

The county also provided us a list of contacts for street light considerations and canal and debris pick up for Stephens or anyone else in a similar situation:

For concerns about street lights, contact the planning department at 956-544-0828.

For concerns about canal/debris contact 956-247-3516.

For more information watch the video above.


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