Shelters in Mexico Overwhelmed with Asylum Seekers

By: Taylor Winkel

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UPDATE (5/10): The pastor at Senda de Vida Church and Shelter says he thought two of the migrants there had smallpox but it turns out they actually have chicken pox. 


WESLACO – Local authorities say there’s not enough room for migrants; now we’re hearing the same from authorities in Mexico.

On Tuesday, an appeals court ruled the feds can require asylum applicants to wait in Mexico until their hearings take place – the policy is being fought in court.

KRGV’s Taylor Winkel reports from the Hidalgo International Bridge with the details of what is happening in Reynosa.

The pastor at a church in Reynosa says the policy isn’t stopping anyone.  

"This does not discourage them, it's just that they get stressed because they have to wait,” says pastor Hector Silva of Senda de Vida Church and Shelter. 

The church has room for 250 people but they’re housing more than 500.

Watch the video above for the full story.


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