Sierra Club Meets with Starr Co. Residents to Discuss Border

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ROMA – A map given to the Sierra Club in Roma outlines the areas the proposed border wall could be.

Tuesday night, the group met with Starr County residents to discuss the plans, along with representatives from LUPE and the Texas Civil Rights Project present.

Before the meeting started, CHANNEL 5 NEWS obtained a copy of the proposed map, but the map is labeled “Pre-decisional. For official use only. Law enforcement sensitive,” so at the moment we’re withholding it.

At the meeting, they discussed the details of the proposed map, which shows 32 miles of the wall in Starr County with one of the biggest sections going through Roma.

“A lot of people in this area don’t know whether a border wall is going to go through their property, how it’s going to affect their community, so we wanted to bring (them) that information,” said Scott Nicol, co-chair of the Sierra Club Borderlands.

One thing to note is that the map is not set in stone as funding for the wall has not been approved by the government.

Nicol said they also wanted to inform land owners of their rights if they get a notice from the government.

He added that they plan to hold more meetings for residents in the future.


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