Smart Living: Is tipping getting out of hand?

By: Naomi De Lucia

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If you’re confused about how much to tip, a new poll says you’re not alone.

A new poll says seven out of 10 Americans are unsure on how much to tip.

Nerd Wallet says aim for 15 to 20 percent for servers in sit-down restaurants.

If you're doing take-out, 10% is plenty.

Tip food, delivery and ride-share drivers — and hair stylists and massage therapists — 15%

Etiquette experts say, as a blanket rule, you don't need to tip anyone who earns a salary or performs a trade. That means your plumber, cable technician, lawn guys, pool cleaner, and UPS. Amazon, FedEx or mail carriers do not get tipped. 

Americans are known to be great tippers, but there are nine countries that don't expect you to leave a tip, and three where it's actually an insult. 

People in Australia, Switzerland, Argentina, Belgium, the French Polynesia and Singapore do not expect gratuities. 

People in Japan, China and South Korea think of tipping as an insult.

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