SNAP program benefits to increase in October

By: Sthefany Rosales

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Valley families who rely on the SNAP program will see a major bump in their benefits in October.

Last week, the Biden administration announced the largest increase in the history of the program; families who receive SNAP benefits will receive roughly 25% more than they currently do.

"For reference, the size of the RGV economy is 30 billion dollars," said Salvador Contreras, associate professor of economics at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. "This represents a net gain of SNAP benefits of about .1% for the overall economy."

The reevaluation is part of the Thrifty Food Plan, the cost of groceries needed to provide a healthy, budget-conscious diet for a family of four, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The increase in SNAP benefits for those already part of the program will automatically be added to their allotment in October.


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