SpaceX FAA review expected to be released Friday

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Cameron County residents and SpaceX employees are waiting to see if the Federal Aviation Administration will give the Boca Chica launch site the green light to launch their Starship rocket.

The FAA is expected to release their environmental review of Starbase and the Boca Chica site on Friday.

Among the public commenters is Mary Branch – a member of the environmental group Save RGV.

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The group said they’re concerned over the possible destruction of Boca Chica due to the launches. Their concerns, however, are not limited to Boca Chica.

The Starship SN11 rocket exploded last year during its descent, sending debris that landed on South Padre Island. 

“What are the impacts for a rocket that's never before tested, never before launched, that's the largest one ever built,” Branch said.

If the FAA doesn't approve more launches, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said the company will pack up and move launch operations to Florida, potentially taking income from the county.

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“This year they're projecting to add $885 million in gross economic output for Cameron County,” Brownsville Mayor Trey Mendez said. 

Barton Bickerton, co-owner of the SpaceX-themed bar and grill, said while he hopes the FAAa will give SpaceX approval for more launches, he wants it to be done right to keep that revenue here in the Valley.

“We don't want the rest of it being destroyed, but we also definitely don't want SpaceX going away,” Bickerton said. 


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