SPI Police to Issue Tickets for Parking Illegally

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SOUTH PADRE ISLAND – South Padre Island police will be issuing tickets if drivers are caught parking illegally.

Drivers without the required permits were ticketed for parking on some streets during the Memorial Day Weekend.

Signs posted in some popular areas along the beach prohibit side street parking from March 1 to September 15.

Brandon Hill with the city of South Padre Island said there are approximately 1,600 public parking spaces near beach accesses on the island.

He said there are plans to create several hundred more parking spaces, including expanding the width of eight side streets.

“(It allows) for a sidewalk to run on the side which creates a safer, more pedestrian-friendly street as well as allows for on-street parking. There are some lots that are being looked at for creation into parking lots which would allow at least 50 spaces to be created,” he said.

The South Padre Island Convention Center is also a public parking area available to beachgoers. They can also use the island’s public transportation shuttle.

Police said illegal parking tickets can range from $50 to $130.


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