Starr Co. Man Requests Improvements to his Property

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RIO GRANDE CITY - A Starr County man said past improvements to his neighborhood are causing flooding problems to his house.

Sixty-six-year-old Jimmy Cruz, of Rio Grande City, said flooding problems worsened with a storm two weeks ago. Part of a nearby creek was filled with dirt when improvements were made to the area some 20 years ago.

“My family used to go and wash clothes there, because it was big enough for people to go and wash their clothes,” he said. “From the buildings and the contrition of other places, now I’m seeing that this water is doing a backup.”

He believes an overflow at the creek is what’s causing flooding on his property.

“It has caused mold in the walls, and it has caused septic tank backups,” he said.

Cruz said the flooding has also caused erosion on his property, including some holes and small valleys. He said he just wants his property to be leveled like his neighbor’s.

“My neighbors that have been here 20 years or so, they already have all the services,” he said.

Starr County Precinct 1 Commissioner Jaime Alvarez who has jurisdiction over his property said he was not aware of such flooding.

“I was a commissioner here for 14 years, prior to my coming here. I was a commissioner in this area and I never saw a flooding area in that piece of land where he’s talking about,” he said.

Alvarez added he has known Cruz most of his life and is willing to help. He said all Cruz needs to do is call and file a report.

“(We’ll) go take a look at it, analyze the situation and probably, if an engineer is required, consult with an engineer,” he said.

Cruz said he will be contacting Alvarez next week to set up a time to survey the area. The county will then determine what to do with the issue. 


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