Starr County Ranch Recognized with Historical Marker

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RIO GRANDE CITY – A woman’s family established their ranch in 1787 long before there was a state of Texas. It’s a Starr County ranch full of history and pride.

Friends, family and history buffs have come from all over South Texas for the unveiling of the historic marker for Rancho San Jose De La Mulada established in 1787.

“Before it was Texas, before it was Mexico, when it was New Spain,” descendant Maclovio Perez said.

The ranch is located 10 miles north of Rio Grande City. It was the family of Araceli Perez Davis who founded the ranch.

It’s now recognized by the Historical Commission and the Texas Legislature.

The original ranch house still stands.

“My great, great, great, great, great, five times, came from Cadereyta, Nuevo Leon and settled in Camargo in 1749. His son was the one who purchased porcion 74. And his name was Pedro Jose Perez,” Davis said.

The walls are lined with pictures of those early pioneers and historical documents that the Historical Commission required before they would call it a historic ranch.

“And they told me I had to prove everything. Everything I proved with references,” Davis said.

Doing the research is time consuming, she said, when people have to go back 300 years.

“It was very interesting because I’ve always liked genealogy and research and history,” Davis said.

“I really appreciate the work of Araceli and her grandfather, Casimiro. And now because of their work, their accurate historical work we can prove that Tejanos were part of Texas history,” Perez said.

“It’s a wonderful honor that Araceli has worked really hard to bring the recognition that was necessary for our legacy, for our people, for our children to know that we have a history, that we have a legacy,” Martha Perales Carrizales, another descendant, said.

The original ranch was 6,000 acres and even though it’s slightly smaller now the historic ranch remains a working ranch.

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