State Secretary’s Office Marks Mayoral Election in Palmview as Void

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PALMVIEW – State officials are marking one Rio Grande Valley election as void.

The elected mayor of Palmview, who was already sworn in, will not be able to keep his seat.

The city of Palmview will have to hold another election after the state secretary’s office rated November’s election as incorrect.

Ricardo Villarreal will have to run for mayor again to gain his seat back.

KRGV’s Sierra Pizarro explains a mistake in the process of submitting ballot information wasn’t caught until after ballots were in the hands of the voters.  

Villarreal was on the ballot in a section which listed other unopposed elected candidates – a section where voters don’t have a say.

“It was a technical issue. Consequently, no one in the public was able to vote for him for mayor. That, in the secretary of state's opinion, creates a vacancy that needs to be filled with an election,” explains Palmview’s Interim City Manager Leo Olivares.

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