Student of the Week: Nancy Vasquez (Pt. 1)

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One of the greatest obstacle I have overcame in my life was the fact that I raised by legal guardians instead of my biological parents. My biological parents were, and still are, addicted to drugs and alcohol. Only two days after my birth my bio mother abandoned me at the hospital. Child protective services immediately took over and got in hold with my aunt who had already adopted 2 older siblings, my brother and sister. My beautifully loving aunt took me in and adopted me; and along with my siblings and 3 of her own our home ended up with 6 children in total! I always knew I was adopted and would sometimes even visit with my bio parents, but never once did they ever care to give me an explanation as to why they left me. As the years went on, my biological parents slowly stopped coming and I grew to appreciate the family have. I call my aunt and uncle ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ because they deserve that title, for raising me like one of their own, to be the strong, selfless and kind. They taught me to work hard, put others first, and dream big. They are the reason I am here today.

I have learned throughout the years that my past is not something to be ashamed of. It shaped to the person I am today; a unique individual with a strong testimony. Without my past I would not have the drive to accomplish my goals and to be someone of importance in life. I made my biggest adversity into my strongest motivation.

The individual I am today loves to show leadership by being a role model to others. I have participated in almost every sport offered and am very committed to Student Council and National Honor Society. Sports taught me teamwork and to always put your best effort to every game or race. Through student council I have gained many of my leadership skills. Being what students call “The representation of the student body” is a huge responsibility to maintain, but I enjoy every minute of it. I have been an officer for 6 years and I currently and gratefully hold the position of being Senior Class President for Student Council.

?My past affects my present and influences my future. I choose to use it to push me, motivate me, to be different, to break the cycle, to make my parents proud and prove that no matter where you come from, no matter how hard your life is, you can do it!


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