Supply shortages impacting A/C companies

By: Crystal Martinez

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The summer heat is keeping companies such as Frontier Air Conditioning in Mission busy.

Manager Jay Villegas says some of the biggest complaints from customers are a lack of cooling and water leaking - something regular maintenance can help with.

Villegas says right now isn't the time to wait for maintenance, since parts are taking longer to come in. 

“It's been like that the past couple of years because of Covid, but now it's worse than ever,” Villegas said. “We were thinking it would be better by now. Actually, it's just getting worse - especially now because of the season."

Supply chain issues have Villegas waiting as much as four months to get a single part delivered.

Frontier A/C is adapting to the supply shortages by prioritizing customers without a working A/C unit.

Villegas says he doesn't expect the supply chain issues to ease anytime soon.

“We have another warehouse that's filled with new systems because the supply shortages are going to get worse,” Villegas said. “Right now, we are stocking up because the next three months are going to be pretty bad."

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