Suspect in custody after vandalism damages property at San Benito apartment complex

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Residents at a San Benito apartment complex are being left with the cleanup and repair bills after their homes and vehicles were damaged in an act of vandalism.

Police have a suspect in custody.

Joe Briones is one of dozens of people who say one man damaged homes and slashed car tires at their apartment unit. He said the cost to replace two tires was $700.

San Benito police say the man responsible for the vandalism was being evicted and suffers from mental health issues. He was arrested and is now pending a mental health assessment. 

Neighbors are now hoping to be reimbursed. 

"I feel heartbroken for a lot of people that can't afford it," resident Estella Salcedo said. "I'm barely getting my roadside assistance to come and replace [my tires]."

Salcedo said she does feel a sense of relief.

"The good thing about it is he's not here anymore. He's gone, which is good," Salcedo said. "It was something very scary, but they got rid of the problem and I feel safe now."

Apartment management has not commented on whether they will take any responsibility for the damages.


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