Suspect Wanted in Connection to 17-Year-Old’s Death in Donna

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DONNA – Investigators are searching for a man involved in the death of a 20-year-old Mexican national in Donna.

Santos Omar Vasquez is believed to have fled to Mexico. 

His sister, Laura Leticia Vasquez, of Donna, is also accused of dumping the body of Carlos Mario Perez Aguilar in an orchard

Vasquez said she didn’t call authorities because she was trying to protect her brother. 

During the investigation, Hidalgo County Sheriff’s investigators said they were able to use fingerprints to identify Perez Aguilar.

Once he was identified, deputies questioned Vasquez. Vasquez told deputies she and Perez Aguilar were living together. 

Authorities told CHANNEL 5 NEWS Vasquez admitted that her brother told her Perez Aguilar died at their house.  She and her brother then allegedly dumped Aguilar’s body in the orchard.

Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra said during questioning, Vasquez claimed she didn’t call authorities, even after she knew Perez Aguilar was dead.

“In her statement, she claims that she wanted to but her brother told her not to, because he had some legal problems. And the brother does have active warrants,” he said.

Santos Omar Vasquez is still wanted.

Authorities are urging anyone with information that can lead to Santos Omar Vasquez’s arrest to call the sheriff’s office at 956-383-8114 or Hidalgo County Crime Stoppers at 956-668-8447.


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