TCEQ Gives the Go-Ahead to Start Debris Pickup in Flood-Impacted Areas

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MONTE ALTO – Two weeks after floodwaters filled the streets of Monte Alto, damage is still visible in many homes and the debris sitting on curbsides is just starting to get picked up.

The roof to the home of Jose Hernandez now sits in the front yard; the windows are blown out and debris is scattered throughout the living room and caved in floor.

The debris piles up and down the street of his neighborhood are a testament of the storms destruction.

Hidalgo County Precinct 1 Commissioner David Fuentes says they started debris pickup Monday after the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality gave them the go ahead.

“TCEQ requires that we certify the debris pickup and sanitation sights, so that we're in compliance with environmental laws and to make sure that we keep the records of what we're doing,” explained Fuentes. “We also have to certify our equipment to make sure that it was qualified to pick up the debris.”

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