Texas A&M AgriLife Teaches Farmers to Protect Crop

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WESLACO – The Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center hosted a field day Thursday to help educate farmers on new ways to help keep their crops safe.

The record temperatures in the Rio Grande Valley this year have caused many problems. Many sorghum and cabbage farmers said they have lost the majority of their crop.

Juan Anciso with AgriLife Extension said staff has been working to better equip farmers.

“When a grower has a problem we try to address the needs now. So, we do try to find the solution for now whether it’s a variety they can plant now or long-term breading programs like the breeder to include genes that would help to say make the tomato taste better or resist pest or resist a plant pathogen,” he said.

Anciso said the local economy does well when crops are successful.

He said one in every 20 people in Texas has a job connected to the agriculture field. 


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