Tips for getting your Christmas tree home safely

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For many people, picking out a Christmas tree is fun for the entire family, but getting it home can be a challenge.

Eddie Cebellos, event coordinator for The Sanchez Family, says the first step to taking it home is picking out the one you like.

"I let the customer know it depends on how you're going to decorate it, how many decorations are you going to fill your tree with and that's how they determine the tree they want," Cebellos said.

From there you may want to consider asking for help to get it home, especially if you have a smaller vehicle.

If you strap the tree to your car yourself, you could risk damaging your car by having the tree scrape the car paint or the branches damaging windows. 

A survey done by AAA found that 60% of drivers who chose to do it themselves had their Christmas tree fall off or out of their vehicle.

“We strap trees on top of roofs and we strap them good, and we also offer delivery,” Cebellos said. 

Watch the video above for the full story. 


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